Air University, Islamabad

The nascent city of Islamabad is preceded by thousands of years of history. This is the site of one of the earliest human settlements in Asia, and is at one end of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Near Islamabad is a site where there are stone implements made on a mass scale which were sent down to the lower reaches of the Indus river. This area was the first settlement of the Aryans from Central Asia and is on the route through which passed all those who invaded India from the North and North West. The very large number of languages still spoken in the Northern Areas is evidence of the different races that passed through what is now the federal area. This region has witnessed the passage of ancient caravans from Central Asia including armies of Alexander the Great and Amir Taimoor (Tamurlane). The banks of the River Soan in Islamabad were host to stone-age man over 7000 years ago and human skulls dating back to 5000 B.C. have been found in and around Islamabad.